Adult Enrichment Programs

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    Learn CPR, the basic lifesaving skills of the American Heart Association for infants, children, and adults. Learn about prudent heart care, risk factors, strokes, and some pediatric injury prevention. Course includes the basics on how to use the Automatic External Defibrillator.
  • Adult Online -
    REC offers over 400 on-line classes. Check our complete listing on the above web address.
  • Floral Arranging Workshops
    Wow your friends and become your own Martha Stewart. Learn the art of flower arranging and bring home beautiful fresh-cut flowers to enjoy or share. Students will be led step-by-step through the process of arranging, including how to choose flowers, buy supplies, prep their flowers, placement, and how to make them last. All supplies are included in the cost of the class and you will walk away with a beautiful self-made masterpiece each time. Learn the basics of four different types of arrangements and become a pro!
    This class is designed for people who completed our introductory “Improv Theater” class, but don’t want the fun to end! Now that we have the basics, we will meet once a week to play some new games as well as bring back some old favorites. Our goal will be to gain some new skills, and hone the skills we already have. Mostly, though, it will be about having some fun and continuing to enjoy each other’s creativity!”
  • Improv Theater
    Explore group dynamics, practice public speaking and communication and unleash untapped creativity at this two hour workshop! Learn to jump out of your comfort zone, think on your feet and build confidence. No theater experience is needed, just a willingness to laugh and play! (See our 5 week class below if interested in a longer session!)
    This new ukulele group, established in January of 2019 is looking to have some FUN! Ukulele is easy to learn, inexpensive to buy, portable, and a great crowd pleaser at social gatherings. We can direct you to our Andover Jam Book and a nearby location to purchase a ukulele. We hope to be a part of the growing arts and culture in Andover with performances at South Church recitals, assisted living facilities, and town events such as Holiday Happenings and Farmers Markets. Although this class is targeted for adults, our school will offer classes for youth upon request.
  • You Can Afford College If...
    You plan in advance; you understand the financial aid process; you act early enough to be successful. Financial aid goes to the families who plan in advance–ideally before December 31st of the child’s sophomore year of high school. This course will teach you the concepts and strategies that will help you maximize your financial aid by understanding the process. The greatest amount of financial aid goes to the families who act in the years before college. A free financial aid analysis will be available to all attendees.
  • Meditation
    Meditation is the ancient art of tranquil peace that is available to everyone, providing an unlimited wellspring of calmness and joy that can be accessed at any time. In this six-week class, insights will be shared into calming the mind and guided group sitting and walking meditations will be led, which will give participants a first-hand experience of meditation, and provide a framework to bring the practice home. This class is open to beginners as well as advanced sitters and is guaranteed to bring some peace into your life. Please wear warm/comfortable clothing and bring a small blanket or cushion.
  • MELT Soft Roller Class (NEW)
    This ongoing class uses the MELT Soft Roller to simulate the results of manual therapy. MELTing helps eliminate stuck stress, reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and lower back pain, improve alignment, enhance athletic performance and keeps your whole body feeling great at any age. Participants should bring a yoga mat and bottle of water with them to class.
  • MELT Hand & Foot Self-Treatments
    Over 4 weeks learn the treatments you can do at home to erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck and low back brought on by everyday stress, overuse and age. Participants should bring a yoga mat and bottle of water with them to class. Material fee: $30.00 for MELT Hand and Foot Treatment balls.
  • Introduction to Music
    Have you ever thought about playing a musical instrument? Now is your chance to get started with this 5 lesson package! Lessons are offered to anyone who has an interest in learning to play an instrument or getting back into playing one. Instruments offered: voice, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, percussion, violin, saxophone, clarinet, and flute. After registering with Andover REC, a Real School representative will contact you to schedule your lessons.