Financial Planning for Retirement: 3-Night Workshop - Location Update

Financial Planning for  Retirement: 3-Night Workshop - Location Update

3-Night Workshop 

Who needs a financial plan for retirement? Everyone. Whether you are close to retirement, have recently retired or you are in retirement, you need a plan. Learn about the issues affecting where your retirement income will come from, how your budget might be affected, and how to increase the likelihood that your savings will last a lifetime. Topics covered over three sessions will include budgeting, Social Security and other sources of retirement  income, keeping up with inflation, taxes, estate planning and asset protection. Attendees will have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary one hour 
consultation with a financial planner.
#406           Thurs, begins March 15, 6:00‐8:00 pm – Schedule updated to meet March 15, March 22 and April 5
                   3 classes, $45, limit 15
                   Town Offices 2nd Floor Conf. Room 
                   Instructor: Dianne Brand, CFP© & Richard L. Sumberg, The Financial Advisors, LLC (LFS‐1362847‐113015)

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