Bob French Basketball League

Bob French Basketball League

2019 Bob French Standings as of 2/2


Practices for Bob French League begin the week of 11/26. First game is 12/2.

Bob French Junior League

Boys and Girls

Grades 1-2

This league is open to boys and girls who live or attend school in Andover and are just starting out in basketball. Parent volunteers and Rec staff will lead a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute instructional game. All sessions will take place on Saturdays at Bancroft or South schools between 11:00 am-3:00 pm.


December 1-February 9


September 4-October 19   $125

After October 20               $150

Fee includes jersey, officials, and gym usage for sessions.


Grade 1 & 2 Boys

#718 Saturdays

Grade 1 & 2 Girls

#719   Saturdays

*All sessions will take place on Saturday. There are no separate weekday practices for Bob French Jr. League.


Bob French Senior League

Boys and Girls

Grades 3-8

This town-wide basketball league is open to children who live or attend school in Andover. Each team will have one practice and one game per week. All practices are held Monday-Friday between 4:00-8:00 pm at various school gyms around town. All games will be played on Saturdays at the Andover High School Field House between 12:00 noon-6:00 pm.


Practices: November 26-February 8

Games: December 1- February 9


September 4-October 19   $150

After October 20               $175

Fee includes jersey, officials, and gym usage for practices and games.

Practice Registration

Grade 3 & 4 Boys

#720 Mondays
#721 Tuesdays
#722  Fridays

Grade 3 & 4 Girls

#723   Mondays
#724   Thursdays

Grade 5 & 6 Boys

#725 Wednesdays
#726 Fridays

Grade 5 & 6 Girls

#727   Wednesdays
#728   Thursdays

Grade 7 & 8 Boys

#729 Tuesdays
#730 Thursdays

Grade 7 & 8 Girls

731 Tuesdays
#732 Thursdays

Program Information for BOTH Bob French Jr. & Sr. Leagues

Registration Questions

At the time of registration a series of required questions will be asked. Please fill out each answer to the best of your ability. You will need to know the child's height and basketball ability level at the time of registration. See below for explanation of ability levels.  

Ability Levels

  • Beginner

An organized basketball game is new to them.
Has only played basketball casually/on their own. 
Never been part of an organized team or league.
Has very little sense of the rules.
Needs to learn proper fundamental skills (i.e. dribbling, passing and shooting).

  • Intermediate

Has been part of an organized team or league.
Understands how the sport is played and some of the common rules. 
Has basic fundamental skills of dribbling, shooting and passing the ball, but needs improvement. (i.e. needs to learn to keep their head up while dribbling, how to make a layup, spatial awareness during gameplay, and accuracy when passing the ball).

  • Advanced

Has been part of an organized team or league.
Understands how the sport is played and the rules of the sport.
Can successfully dribble while keeping head up, shoot the ball (layup and jump shot) and pass the ball in a game setting.  

Late Registration

Registration received after October 19 will include a $25 late fee. Late registrations will be accepted as long as there is space available in their division.


Prior to October 19, we will be able to refund your payment minus a 10% administrative fee rounded up to the nearest dollar. After October 20, refunds & credits will not be given.

Team Selection

To achieve balanced competition, Rec will place athletes on teams. Please DO NOT request to be on a particular team or with a
specific child. Rec does not honor requests for this program. Players will be notified by email in mid-November to let them know what team they are on and the location and time of practices.

Travel Team

Rec does not run the Andover Boys or Girls Travel Teams.

If you plan on trying out for travel team but want to hold a spot in the Bob French League, do not register or submit payment online for the Bob French League. Athletes on travel teams are ineligible to participate in the Bob French League and you will be charged the cancelation fee to withdraw if your child makes the travel team prior to October 19. Withdrawals after October 19 will not be issued a refund or credit even if the child makes travel team. Instead, call Rec before October 19 to let us know that you would like us to save a spot in case your child does NOT make travel. This is the ONLY way you can hold a spot in the Bob French League without being charged a fee.

Boys Travel Team questions should be directed to Joe Iarrobino (978-846-0544). Girls Travel Team information is available at

Coaches Needed

Call to register if you wish to coach.

We depend on volunteer coaches to make this a successful league. No experience is necessary. There will be a clinic at the beginning of the season. Head coaches will receive a discount for volunteering their time. For each volunteer head coach, the regular fee will be waived for one child participating in the league. Late fee will still apply.


Interested in making some extra money? Rec is looking for students, 16 & older, who would like to referee Saturdays at Bancroft for the Junior League. If you are interested contact Jessica Downing,


Communication for this program is sent out via email. Please make sure the email on file with Rec is current. It is the participants’ responsibility to update their email.