Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Art

Grades K-5

Is your child artistic or interested in learning new techniques with different art mediums? We will do two weeks of painting pottery, 1 week of fused glass, 1 week of creating with mosaics, and paint on a canvas the last week of the session. We will pick the pieces and teach them designs, the kids will pick their colors. Pottery and glass pieces will be food safe. Paint is non-toxic and washable. Mosiacs and painting on a canvas are decorative pieces. The pottery and fused glass needs to be fired and the mosiacs need to be grouted. All pieces will be returned by the end of the session.

#303   Wed, begins Mar 6, 4:00-5:00 pm

5 classes, $100, limit 20
Andover High School, Room 115
Instructor: Tricia Langeleh & Staff



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