Youth Recreation Programs

  • Intermediate Intensive Archery Clinic
    Mind set of shooting, skills of shooting, form and scoring will all be reviewed at this two day clinic.
  • Developmental Tennis
    (Ages 7-12) Classes are divided by ability, and instructors teach basic stroke patterns and strategies of play. Scoring, proper court positioning, and etiquette are also covered. Bring a racquet.
  • Pee Wee Tennis
    (Ages 4-6) This program is aimed to introduce your child to tennis. Basic fundamentals are taught by using fun games and contests with a 5:1 ratio. Bring a racquet.
  • Spring Lacrosse League
    (Ages 5-8) This league is open to boys and girls, with focus on skill improvement and recreational play. REC will place players on teams. All equipment is provided.
  • NEAA SNAG Golf
    (Ages 6-12) NEAA SNAG (Starting New At Golf) Golf program is specially designed to introduce children to the game of golf in a safe and fun environment. Classes are conducted using SNAG Golf equipment, which allow children to experience success much easier than with conventional clubs ensuring interest is maintained! Correct grips, swing mechanics and shot selections will be taught through fun, fast paced games that will keep your budding golf pro engaged! This is the perfect class to introduce your child to the timeless game of golf!
  • Archery
    (Ages 7-17) Be a part of this ancient sport, archery! Learn the basic techniques in target shooting. Participants will learn proper form, safety rules, and archery games. All equipment is provided.
  • Fishing Workshop
    (Ages 7-14) We will provide a fishing rod (if you don’t have one), bait, and some learn to fish instructions followed by casting practice and a healthy dose of fishing. Novice anglers are welcome. Parents are encouraged to help bait the line!