Youth Summer Programs

  • Outer Limits
    (Entering Grades 7-9) OPEN TO ANDOVER RESIDENTS ONLY. Outer Limits is where it’s at this summer, with exciting Tuesday field trips geared towards the middle school age group, daily games and activities, and fun group projects and adventures! Enjoy daily trips to Pomps Pond along with an additional weekly trip to a local hot spot to enjoy activities like hiking, biking, local shows/events, and the great outdoors. Trips to the Cormier Youth Center for fun activities like tournaments, games, cooking and art projects will also take place as well as trips to downtown Andover. Participants will also have the chance to help plan, design and help execute community events weekly, and partner up with other local departments to work on fun projects like community gardening and painting. This program is definitely on the move, but also lends time for self-directed activity, free-choice sessions, and good old summer fun! Please bring a lunch, snack, drink, bathing suit, towel and sunscreen each day. A weekly schedule will be emailed out prior to each week with specifics on daily activities, trips and events.
  • Rec Park Playground (Multiple Registration Options Available)
    (Entering grades 1-6) Rec Park Playground brings to mind hot days, swimming at the Pond, cookouts, and the kind of special friendships that last far beyond Labor Day. Children will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of age-appropriate fun activities. Arts & crafts, swimming, boating, tennis, inline skating, and games are among the daily activities. T-shirt included. Bring a lunch, snack, drink, bathing suit, and towel each day.
  • All Day Discovery
    (Entering Grades K-6) All Day Discovery will give children an experience that will last a lifetime by providing challenging activities under the guidance of caring, well-trained staff members. All Day Discovery maintains a staff-camper ratio of 1:5. This ratio allows counselors to build relationships and provide each child with the attention he or she needs. Children take part in arts & crafts, sports & games, swimming & boating, and tennis. A weekly field trip is the highlight of the weeks’ activities. Bring lunch, snack, drink, bathing suit, and towel each day.
  • 3D Illuminations Electronics
    (Ages 7 - 12) Experiment, have fun, and take home your own 3D Illumination Electronic Kit. This kit is the first of its kind and fantastic! Activities include building your own security house that no one will enter as the alarm sounds and color LED flashes and building a projector that will show six cool images. There will be exciting light effects and a three-color light tunnel. Use your 3D color glasses along the way. Join Sciensational Workshops fun way of hands on learning. Bring a beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • Warrior Soccer Academy Preseason Clinic (GIRLS)
    (Girls, Entering Grades 9-12) This preseason clinic prepares female high school soccer players for the start of the upcoming fall season. Players will focus on technical skill, team tactics, and preparation fitness.
  • Warrior Boys Soccer School (NEW!)
    (Boys, Grades 9 - 12) Here is your chance to check your fitness level, sharpen your technical ball skills, perfect your goal keeping skills, play small and full side matches. Please bring water, soccer ball, shin pads, cleats and bug spray.
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
    (Ages 7-15) Join East Coast Style Stand Up Paddle for a half day stand up paddle boarding program! In this program, kids will be given the opportunity to explore and experience a new world on the water via stand up paddling. Activities will include SUP instruction & safety, swimming, treasure hunting, water & beach games, SUP fitness, eco-awareness, contests, and arts and crafts projects. Every day will be a new adventure! Please wear a bathing suit and bring a towel, sunscreen, and a snack. Weekly program schedule will be passed out to parents/guardians at the first class.
  • John Smith Soccer School
    (Ages 5-12) This soccer program is designed to cater to each player’s individual development, with planned progression throughout the week. Excellent player/coach ratio for this program. Tuition includes a ball, t-shirt, and water bottle. All participants should bring a water bottle. Full day bring a lunch.
  • Goals for Girls Soccer Academy
    (Ages 6-14 & incoming HS Freshman) This soccer program is designed specifically for girls. Each day athletes will develop technical and tactical skills through well organized training sessions, small-sided games, and individual goal setting. The last hour of each day is “Game Time!”
  • Cheerleading Program
    (Ages 3-5, Grades K-5) Get ready for fall cheerleading! Learn the most current routines! Girls and boys will be introduced to the fundamental skills of cheerleading. Wear sneakers, and bring a snack and water bottle each day.
  • Andover Soccer Clinic
    (Ages 5-14) Come participate, with friends and a great staff, in fun-filled soccer activities that will improve your skills and your love of the game! Participants will be grouped by age, gender, and ability. Please bring water, a soccer ball, shin pads, sneakers, and sunscreen.
  • Tennis Academy
    (Ages 6-14) All aspects of the game are taught including fore and backhand, serve, volley, game strategy, and scoring. The Academy is divided by individual’s ability. Includes contests and competitions. Participants are encouraged to bring their own racquet, however racquets will be available. Bring a water bottle. T-shirt is included.
  • Children's Studio for the Arts
    (Entering Grades 1-6, Intern Program: Grades 7-8) CSA offers exciting and challenging experiences through daily workshops in visual arts, stagecraft, drama, dance, and musical theater, led by professional artist/educators. Each week includes either a trip to a noted gallery or a visit by guest artists, as well as CSA’s culminating showcase performance for family & friends on the auditorium stage. Interns gain valuable leadership experience as teacher aides and serving as role models for younger children.
  • Pee Wee Tennis Academy
    (Ages 4-6) An age-appropriate tennis program that introduces your child to the sport by using fun games and contests. Basic fundamentals will be explored with a child to staff ratio of 5:1. Racquets are available, however participants are encouraged to bring their own, along with a water bottle. T-shirt is included.
  • Warrior Football School
    (Ages 7-15) The goal of this program is to teach the fundamentals of each specific football skill and position so that players will better comprehend and appreciate this fun and exciting sport. Wear sneakers and bring a snack, lunch, and beverage.
  • Beach Buddies
    (Ages 4-7) Looking for a fun-filled morning or full day at the beach? Does your child enjoy small group activities? If so, Beach Buddies, held at Pomps Pond, is the perfect place to be this summer. Children will enjoy swimming lessons, along with boating, beach activities, arts and crafts, nature walks, and a weekly pancake breakfast. A special event will be scheduled for each Wednesday! Please bring a bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, water bottle, and snack each day. Full day, please also bring a lunch.
  • REC Golf School
    (Entering Grades 1-8) This program is for beginner throughadvanced golfers. Golfers will be grouped by age and ability. Morning sessions are held at Sarkisian Driving Range. Full day golfers are then bussed to Tewksbury Country Club to play 9 holes of golf. Appropriate dress is required. Bring a snack and beverage. Full day also bring a lunch. Golf clubs will be provided, however, participants can bring their own clubs if they choose. Friday will be used as a rain date. For weather related cancelations call Sarkisian after 8:30 am at 978-688-5522.
  • Kidsports
    (Ages 4-6) This exciting program motivates young athletes to explore soccer, baseball, and basketball. Children will not only learn the fundamentals, but also have a lot of fun! Coaches are committed to helping children take their first step into athletics. Bring a snack, water bottle, and baseball glove labeled with your child’s full name.
  • Warrior Baseball School
    (Ages 7-15) Athletes focus on improving fundamental skills such as hitting, bunting, fielding, throwing, pitching and catching. Staff provides dynamic individual instruction to harness the potential of each athlete. Bring a water bottle, lunch, glove, and bat.
  • Warrior Track Clinic
    (Ages 6-11) Learn the fundamentals of running track & field events. Some of the skills that will be taught are hurdles, sprints, relays, discus throwing, and long jump. A track meet will be held the last day of the program. Bring a water bottle.
  • Online College & Advanced Studies Prep
    The classroom is open 24/7! Our online courses are available at the above website. Classes are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you.
  • Club Invention
    (Entering Grades 1-5) Boys and girls are challenged to explore connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation in this hands-on adventure. Build original prototypes and create a personalized motor-powered vehicle, while designing, improving and analyzing inventions in a team setting. All new challenges are explored when you take apart electronics to construct an epic insect-themed pinball machine. Early and alumni registration discounts are available!
  • Magnetic Levitation for Future Transportation
    (Ages 7-12) Build your own “futuristic Maglev” car to race and take home. Learn about the relationship between magnetism and electricity. You will also get to build a simple maglev track as well as a cool electromagnet. Learn how motors work, as well as generators. Build and take home the world’s simplest motor. Make your own compass and take part in many other magnificent magnetic activities! Bring a beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • Kaplan
    Flexible schedules and expert teachers make this program your top choice. Sessions held at Andover High. Need-based financial aid available. Visit or call 1-800-KAP-TEST today!
  • Creative Engineering Workshop
    (Ages 7-12) Work with an advanced three dimensional construction kit that is yours to keep and take home. Design and build simple or complex models of a vehicle, a robot or buildings. You will also get your own 3-volt geared motor to power up a moveable Radar Surveyor. Learn the many ways you can make your motor run. Hands on is the only way, so prepare to build from directions, and from your own imagination! Bring a beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • Follow Me Robot
    (Ages 7-12) How would you like to build a robot that has four built-in microphones? It will detect the sound source and in turn it will move and turn accordingly. It is your own robot to build and take home. Wow! It starts flashing and plays Do-Re-Mi. It will move in its own routine if it does not get a signal in 1 minute. It will go to sleep if you do not issue any commands in 90 seconds. However, you can wake it up. Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build it. Join in our Sumo wrestling and obstacle course events with what you have built. That’s the Sciensational way! Bring a beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • Video Game Design & Coding 101 (NEW)
    (Entering Grades 3-6) Stop playing video games and start creating them! In this introductory class participants will learn how to program and create their very own video games. We will learn how to create sprites, objects, levels, backgrounds, sound effects and much more as we create several games that can be shared with family and friends! We’ll create games with fire-breathing dragons, a game with spaceships and asteroids, as well as a multi-level, customized adventure game complete with zombies, potions, coins, trap doors, and so much more!
  • Introduction to RPG VIdeo Game Design
    (Entering Grades 3-6) Make an epic world of adventure in this beginner Role Playing Video Game Design class! Combine your imagination, creativity and dedication at our RPG Video Game Design workshop to create a world of heroes, villains and dungeons. Customize every aspect of the game and impress your friends with your own RPG masterpiece! Participants will learn about tile based map systems, scripted events, level design, storyboarding, inventory, and item customization. RPG’s, or Role Playing Games, are wide, open-world based games where the player takes their characters through the levels, gaining experience through battles in order to face their journey.