Vacation Programs

  • Introduction to Filmmaking
    Ages 10-14 In this class, students can bring their creative ideas to fruition in a fun, collaborative and exciting environment. Students will learn skills in scriptwriting, storyboard sketching, character development, improvisation, and camera skills. Together, the group will write, shoot, and edit a film in a genre of their choosing. Students will learn to edit their films using professional editing software like Final Cut Pro. All films will also be made eligible to be screened at the Boston International Kids Film Festival at the Somerville Theater in June 2019. #317      Wed, begins Feb 27               3:30-5:00pm                              8 classes, $285, limit 18               Old Town Hall               Instructor: Filmmakers Collaborative
  • Safe Babysitting
    (Ages 10-15) During this one-day course, you will get instruction on treating basic first aid emergencies, performing choke-saving procedures, handling fire & safety emergencies, using age appropriate activities, and also learn diaper changing skills from the Winchester Hospital Center for Healthy Living Staff. This program is a certification course and is taught classroom style with worksheets and practice tests. Participants should bring a beverage, a snack, a packed meal, and a doll to practice diapering & feeding.
  • Children's Studio for the Arts (CSA) - February Vacation
    (Grades K-5) CSA explores visual arts, dance, and theater in exciting and challenging daily workshops led by professional staff and guest artists. Children discover their inner artist by exploring different art mediums in a supportive environment meant to nurture free expression and cultivate individuality. Participants will broaden their appreciation for art, theater and dance, while producing display worthy artwork pieces to bring home. Please bring a snack, beverage, and your enthusiasm. T-shirt included.
  • Sportacular - February and April Vacation Programs
    (Grades K-5) This program caters to kids who are on the move! Join us during February Vacation for a fun filled morning of gym games, and outside play. Sign up by the day or for the whole week. Bring a water bottle & a snack, wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.
  • Cheerleading Program - FEBRUARY VACATION PROGRAM
    (Ages 5-11) Boys and girls will be introduced to the fundamental skills of cheerleading while learning the most current motions, jumps, cheers and routines! Wear sneakers and bring a snack and water bottle each day.
  • All Terrain Tracker Vehicle
    (Ages 7-12) How about some land rover excitement? Build and take home your very own All-Terrain Tracker Vehicle! It travels the rough terrain overcoming objects in its path. Sciensational Workshops will bring its own course for you to conquer. Sand, stones, twigs, and balls will all be part of the challenge. How about a timed race? You will also learn about gears. Work in a group with your new friends as you design a robot you can control. Build a Sumo wrestler and be part of our battle box events. Loads of fun and education in store the Sciensational way! Please bring beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • NEW! Arcade Electronics Galore
    (Ages 8-13) Get ready to build and play your own arcade games and more. You will have at your disposal, resistors, switches, wires, LED diodes, transistors and more. Do not get overwhelmed. Building with electronics is fun. You will program the spinning light fan to display different sayings. Build and play a Home Run Derby game. See who gets the most home runs before getting 10 outs. A winning song will cheer. Build circuits to test your memory. Build an electronic circuit that plays the card game 21. You can learn to program the circuit board to emit different funky sounds. Play with the disco ball, sirens, or a light show. Learn the effects of the different electronic components. Learn what amps, volts, resistance and power are. Yes, this is Sciensational Workshops learn by doing. That is STEM. Please bring beverage, snack, and a lunch.