MELT Anti-Aging Series

MELT Anti-Aging Series

If you have just a few minutes a day to help yourself look good and feel fantastic, this

 simple self-treatment is for you. The MELT Anti-Aging Series, featuring the 50-Second

 Facelift, will show you how you can reduce the sagging skin on your face and neckline

 and give yourself a facelift daily. Learn how to stimulate the cells that produce collagen

 in your skin and restore your skin's natural hydration from the inside out. You will learn other easy self-treatment techniques for reducing common aches and pains using the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Balls and MELT soft roller to keep you feeling youthful and vibrant.


 #343 Wed, Sept 18

          7:00 -8:00 pm

          4 sessions, $60.00, limit 15 

          AHS Yoga Room

          Instructor: Tammy Skwierczynski  

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