Rec Employment Opportunities

Rec Employment Opportunities

Rec accepts applications for Seasonal Employees on a rolling basis, year round.
(For summer staff positions, applications will be accepted until March 6, of the same year).

Apply for seasonal employment at the following links:

For Kid Care postions: 


For Recreation Seasonal postions (INCLUDING SUMMER POSITIONS & LIFEGUARDING) Please note in your application what postion you are interested in: 


Ongoing positions available for Season Employment for students include:
  • Summer Program Counselors - Deadline to apply is March 6
  • Bradford Ski Monitor
  • Andover Rec Basketball Coach
  • Andover Rec Basektball Referee for Junior League
  • Andover Rec Basketball Score Keeper for Senior League
  • Kids Corner Sports Assistant

Information to keep in mind for Seasonal (student) Employment:

  1. You must be 16 years of age or older.
  2. You must have your CPR Certification. 
  3. For summer program counselor and lifeguarding postions: submit an application between January 1-March 6. Interviews will be in March.
  4. Please DO NOT have your parents call us/fill out your application. We would like to see and hear from you as the potential employee.
  5. Questions & applications can be directed to Jessica Downing at  978-623-8340 or
  6. VOLUNTEER! Get your foot in the door during the school year by volunteering or working one of our programs. For example: volunteer to work at our Bob French Basketball League or annual Easter Egg Hunt, or be a monitor for the Bradford Ski Program. You must be 15 or older to volunteer. Volunteer application is available here.
  7. GET YOUR LIFEGUARD OR WSI CERTIFICATION! We have great opportunities for young people to lifeguard at Pomps Pond over the summer. You must have your lifeguarding certification so be proactive and get your certification early!  Openings for WSI (Water Safety Instructors), as well! 
  8. Be familiar with Rec! Look at our booklet & website, know a little about who we are, what we do, and what you would like to do with us before you apply.
  9. WE ARE RECREATION! So bring your energy, creativity, and enthusiasm to your interview and to work everyday and you will go far with us!

Rec accepts course proposals for Instructor/Vendor Season Employees on a rolling basis, year round.

Applicants should drop off their completed course proposals in the Rec office, or alternatively can email (, fax (978-623-8394), or mail the completed form to the Rec office.

Positions available for Instructors/Vendors include:
  • Science Program Instructors
  • Language Instructors
  • Music Instructors
  • Craft/Sewing/Project Instructors
  • Jewelry Making
  • Cooking Instructors
  • Specialty Class Instructors
  • Sport Instructors
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Other

Start here by filling out the Course Proposal Form.