Youth Enrichment Programs

  • American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun - NEW!
    Does your child love American Girl? Come join the fun! They will have the opportunity to meet new friends just like them while having the American Girl experience - with fun games, interesting stories, and crafts!
  • E Sports
    Entering Grades 6-12 Esports, or competitive video gaming, is a rapidly growing field at both the collegiate and professional level. Players from all over the globe compete in online and in-person tournaments for cash, prestige, and bragging rights! This summer Andover Recreation is pleased to offer an Esports program designed to introduce students to the exciting world of esports, get them playing their favorite games in a professionally coached environment, and educate them on the opportunities that are developing here in Massachusetts. SNHU, Becker, and Assumption College are some of the first in the state to offer Esports programs and scholarships, but they won’t be the last. If your student loves gaming, this is the program for them! Games include Super Smash Bros., League of Legends, Apex Legends, and more! Your student will work with a curriculum designed by collegiate coaches and industry experts. All coaches have experience in the collegiate or semi-pro Esports and gaming scenes.
  • Introduction to Filmmaking
    Ages 10-14 In this class, students can bring their creative ideas to fruition in a fun, collaborative, and exciting environment. Students will learn skills in scriptwriting, storyboard sketching, character development, improvisation, and camera skills. Together, the group will write, shoot, and edit a film in a genre of their choosing. Students will learn to edit their films using professional editing software like Final Cut Pro. All films will also be made eligible to be screened at the Boston International Kids Film Festival at the Somerville Theater in November 2019. Please bring a snack, drink, and a lunch.
  • Follow Me Robot
    Ages 7-12 How would you like to build a robot that has four built-in microphones? It will detect the sound source, and in turn, it will move and turn accordingly. It is your own robot to build and take home. Wow! It starts flashing and plays Do-Re-Me. Make it move the way you want it to move. It is so smart. It will move in its own routine if it does not get a signal in one minute. It will go to sleep if you do not issue any commands in 90 seconds. However, you can wake it up. Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build it. Get to build other robots working in groups. Join in our Sumo wrestling and obstacle course events with what you have built. See everything happening as you build. That’s the Sciensational way! Bring a beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • Mixed Media Arts
    One week of pure fun! We will create with pottery, glass, and canvas. We will teach the kids to paint with sponges, brushes, paper, and lots more. Pottery pieces are functional and food safe! Class will consist of projects that will be easy and fun for kids to do. Please bring a snack/lunch as we will take a break and go outside to eat. We will teach step-by-step directions with several different mediums and techniques. Pottery, clay, and the fuse glass pieces need to be fired. Kids will take their canvas home with them on Thursday. Any pieces that are not returned during the class week will be dropped off at the Recreation Department within 2 weeks after the class ends. Recreation will send an email when pieces are ready for pickup.
  • Summer Music Adventures
    For ages 5-8 The goal of Summer Music Adventures is to introduce musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm, tempo, tone, and dynamics through games, songs, poems and folk dances. Merrimack Valley Community Music School instructors, Tad Hitchcock and Kyoko Hida Battaglia have years of experience and are all about learning music and having fun. Students will be playing percussion, xylophones, recorder and singing with an informal performance at the end. For more information contact instructor Tad Hitchcock 617-694-9653 or Valerie Walton 617-694-9656.
  • Private Music Lessons
    Ages 7+ Try a few lessons while you have some time off! Three lessons. Schedule to be arranged with the instructor. We also coach ensembles. Let us know what you are looking for. Instruments: Guitar, ukulele, bass, voice, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, piano, violin, cello, percussion and more. After registering with Andover Rec, a Merrimack Valley Community Music School representative will contact you to schedule your lessons.
  • Slime and Potions Exploration 3 Day Workshop (NEW!)
    The “slime” sensation is still going strong, but our Kidcasso Art Educators have taken a different spin on it! Join us during the dog days of summer as turn into mad scientists and explore through a workshop inspired by slime and potions! Artists will mix up their own special batch of ooey gooey slime, essential oil infused play-doughs, and a variety and magic potions. We will also draw, paint, and collage in this three day science exploration workshop. Students may pack a small nut-free snack and bottle of water. Please dress for mess!
  • Brick Building with Light & Sound (NEW!)
    Ages 7-12 How about becoming an architect and electronics scientist? Combine everything into one. Make endless combinations of brick construction and electronics. Invent anything and make it work all by doing it the Sciensational Way! How about building your own light post with color effects? Build and design your own brick tower, light it up, play music, and turn on your LEDs. Build your own brick bridge with melody and sound. Construct a brick mammal, a three level house, and light house. Put in overhead lights. Now it is your time to design, think, and use your inventors skills. The sky is the limit! All of this you take home. STEAM your way to the future! Bring a beverage, snack, and a lunch.
  • Lego Mindstorms Programmer
    Entering Grades 2-6 Using latest LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 and the LEGO® NXT, participants will design, build, and program a variety of incredible LEGO® robots! From crawling scorpions that can attack enemies to battle tanks that can launch projectiles, this class has something for everyone! Have your own idea? Then dig your hands into over 50,000 specialized LEGO® technic parts, motors, and sensors to create your own robot. Then use LEGO’s® easy-to-use drag-and-drop software to bring your creation to life! Note: participants do not take projects home.
  • Lego Robotics Programmer
    Entering Grades 1-6 Using LEGO® Power Functions and LEGO® WeDo 1.0 and 2.0 technology, participants will have an opportunity to explore the amazing world of LEGO® robotics and engineering. We will learn about gears, circuits, and computer programming as we design, build, and program a variety of different robotics and engineering projects. Over 50 different projects are available including motorized cars and walkers, remote-controlled tanks, and amusement park rides. Note: participants do not take projects home.
  • Club Invention - SUPERCHARGED!
    Entering Grades K-5 Participants will work in teams to rebuild ships and design underwater equipment in Supercharged Deep Sea Mystery! Get ready to explore circuit boards, motors, and gears and design a remote-control bot to take on obstacles from sports to dance. Code bots will turn a polluted wasteland into a money-making machine and will also create devices to save animals. Collaborate with inventor superheroes and take on roles of engineers, fabricators, and innovators to conquer villains during this supercharged week! For information and REGISTRATION, visit: or call 800.968.4332.
  • SAT Math Prep
    Ages 15-18 Take this course for practice and tactics to increase your math score. Review basic math, algebra, geometry, and other topics covered on the test. This course provides an opportunity to improve your basic test-taking skills and learn methods for speed, accuracy, and comprehension. Learn problem solving techniques and the truth about guessing during practice exams. Bring #2 pencils, an SAT approved scientific calculator, and paperback book: Barron’s SAT, 29th Edition by Ira K. Wolf, Ph.D. and Sharon Weiner Green, M.A. ISBN-13: 978-1438009988.
  • SAT Verbal Prep
    Ages 15-18 Gain confidence! Improve your score in the critical reading and writing sections by learning tips and tricks to answer multiple choice questions. Develop skills to write a high scoring essay and practice strategies to work under time pressure. Bring your enthusiasm, pencil, highlighter, and paperback book: Barron’s SAT, 29th Edition by Ira K. Wolf, Ph.D. and Sharon Weiner Green, M.A. ISBN-13: 978-1438009988.
  • Video-Game Designer 1
    Entering Grades 3-6 Stop playing video games and start creating them! In this introductory class, participants will learn how to program and create their very own video games. We will learn how to create sprites, objects, levels, backgrounds, sound effects, and much more as we create several games that can be shared with family and friends! We’ll create a multi-level, customized adventure game complete with zombies, potions, coins, trap doors, and so much more! Participants should bring a flash drive in order to save and take their games home with them.
  • Video-Game Designer 2
    Entering Grades 3-6 In this afternoon session of Video-Game Designer, we will explore different types of video-games. Participants will learn how to create scrolling-screen and platform style games. We will also learn how to program and incorporate gravity into our games as we create a Mario Brothers style game. Participants should bring a flash drive in order to save and take their games home with them.